Our story began with resolving a business concern for a friend. His restaurant had great food! However he needed new customers to just come to his restaurant and purchase a meal. He told me “I know food”, I just don’t know how to get people to come into my restaurant.

I designed a series of advertisements for him with different scenes and modes of advertising. His budget was tight so I had to pinpoint customers who might be interested in going to his restaurant. The advertisements were a great success earning him more customers and a profitable business.

From 1993 on we have continued helping more businesses, law firms, medical offices, schools and more.

Some of our customers needed more than just a website. They wanted a website with a custom database to keep track of appointments, account balances, members, payment gateways, reminders and more. These websites lead to more repeat sales and disseminating important information for the customers and clients they serve.

We provide many services beyond creating a website. The spirit of Hampton Communication’s beginnings has continued in helping to resolve concerns you may have with your business.


We can help you increase your marketshare.

Logo Identity

We can increase your brand recognition.


We can help you increase your network.


Your story, competing, brand and networking.

Design for Convenience

Getting your story out with convenience makes it super easy for customers to do business with you!

Database Modelling

Winners are running with the latest trends the big boys are using. We stay ahead of the game by working harder and thinking outside the box.

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